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PLAN 1: ($100-$2,999)
3100% Profit in 24 Hours

PLAN 2: ($3,000-$9,999) 3500% Profit in 24 Hours

PLAN 3: ($10,000-$19,999) 4600% Profit in 24 Hours

PLAN 4: ($20,000-$49,999)
6200% Profit in 12 Hours

PLAN 5: ($50,000-$300,000)
7500% Profit in 6 Hours

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September 11th 2022: 1.4 Bitcoins Payment proof added,After raising $1.65 million via a pre-seed extension, Bitmama, a Nigeria-based blockchain startup, has now closed its pre-seed funding round at $2 million, a report has said. Leading the funding round were two Africa-focused venture capital firms: Unicorn Growth Capital and Launch Africa.

August 29th 2022: Dubai’s virtual asset regulatory authority (VARA), a cryptocurrency regulatory had proposed for new guidelines on marketing, advertising and promotions of cryptocurrencies.VARA has mentioned about all forms of outreach, communications along with advertising. This included the distribution of information, building awareness, customer engagement and even investor solicitation among others.Dubai Pushes Out Crypto Marketing Rules To Further Safeguard Investors.

August 20th 2022: 1.4 Bitcoins Payment proof added,The cryptocurrency market has now faced another challenge. In the last day, bitcoin prices fell by around $2,000, causing the cryptocurrency market to lose a significant amount of value.

August 4th 2022: Mastercard views cryptocurrency more as an asset class than a means of payment, according to the payments giant’s chief financial officer.

July 23th 2022: 3.25 Bitcoins Payment proof added.

July 7th 2022: Binance Eliminates Bitcoin Trading Fees on 5th Anniversary,We recommend clients to use Binance as a cryptocurrency wallet,they are professional.

July 2nd 2022: Facebook, now known as Meta, has begun rolling out NFTs for select US-based creators on its flagship social network. If successful and deployed on a larger scale, users will be able to connect their crypto wallets to their Facebook profiles. 1.99 Bitcoins Payment proof added.

June 24th 2022: Our min deposit is 0.005 btc for bitcoin investors, Invest Here.

June 18th 2022: Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange FTX has entered into an agreement to purchase Canada-based crypto platform Bitvo,One of the largest carbon emitters in the world, Russian gas giant Gazprom aims to reduce its carbon footprint by providing its flue gas for Bitcoin mining.

June 14th 2022: Bank of America: 90% of respondents plan to buy cryptocurrencies in the next 6 months, 1.5 Bitcoins Payment proof added.

June 6th 2022: Prominent cryptocurrency exchanges like Crypto.com and Binance have been looking to set up operations in the friendly Dubai cryptocurrency market.

June 4th 2022: Caribbean Islands, Dubai, Mumbai: Bitcoin Cash Adoption Continues to Grow Worldwide,We are ready to accept bitcoin cash deposit in the near future.

May 30th 2022: A new Bitcoin payment proof added,Dubai and Abu Dhabi are vying for cryptocurrency supremacy. Large exchanges, like FTX, which was last valued at $32 billion, are making their presence known in Dubai.

May 22th 2022: Dubai creates committee to help consolidate its position as “key city of the metaverse”.

May 19th 2022: A new Bitcoin payment proof added,Robinhood to Compete Against Coinbase With Launch of New Crypto and NFT Wallet.

May 13th 2022: Matrix, a global multilateral virtual asset trading platform, lists two new assets: XRP and XLM. The listings are part of Matrix’s attempt to bring a broader range of options to traders and investors around the world. Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), the leading global jurisdiction for virtual assets, has approved these assets for listing on the regulated Matrix platform.

May 5th 2022: Even though The Sandbox might not be the biggest metaverse by market capitalization, it might just be the most popular and preferred metaverse given the entry of a government regulatory body. Dubai jumps in The Sandbox Following the trend as most of the other altcoins did, The Sandbox fell to its six-month low of $1.96 .

April 27th 2022: A new Bitcoin payment proof added,Our company will invest $2.5 Millions in the cryptocurrency sports betting industry on May 2022.

April 24th 2022: Fidelity Investments, a leading financial services company with $11.3 trillion in assets under management, entered the metaverse with the opening of an eight-story learning center and the launch of a metaverse exchange-traded fund (ETF).

April 14th 2022: A new Bitcoin payment proof added,Tether (USDT), whose market capitalization of over $82 billion makes it the world’s largest stablecoin, has launched on the Kusama network.

April 7th 2022: Top crypto exchange LBank and ETHDubai merge for an exclusive event at the LBank Labs. The event was a get-together of some prominent speakers developing and building on the Ethereum ecosystem.

March 25th 2022: Russia is moving away from the dollar and euro as payment options for its energy exports, and Bitcoin has been mentioned as a possible replacement alongside the ruble and national currencies of partner countries. A high-ranking lawmaker has indicated that Moscow may accept cryptocurrencies for natural gas and other resources.

March 13th 2022: A new Bitcoin payment proof added,The world’s largest movie exhibition company, AMC Entertainment, has finally begun accepting payments in dogecoin and shiba inu. Supporters of DOGE and SHIB have been waiting for AMC Theatres to accept the two meme cryptocurrencies since September last year.

March 1st 2022 : Crypto mutual funds saw a considerable increase in inflows over the past week, indicating that institutional investors were still gaining exposure to digital assets despite extreme market volatility,A new bitcoin payment proof added.

February 19th 2022: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is getting ready to start issuing federal licenses to cryptocurrency service providers in the first quarter. The UAE crypto regulation will take a hybrid approach. The government hopes that a nationwide crypto licensing system will attract big companies to the region.

February 15th 2022 : A new bitcoin payment proof added.

February 7th 2022: Best DeFi Tokens To Buy As Crypto Fix Begins To Wind Down In February,The January cryptocurrency crash was one of the biggest we have seen in recent years. But as of early February, the selling pressure appears to be easing. Well, in the midst of this volatility, there are a few DeFi tokens that should be on your radar.

January 27th 2022 : A new bitcoin payment proof added.

January 16th 2022: To better return investors, we have increased ROI in 2022 yeaer! If you invest $100 , You will receive $3100 after 24 hours.

January 2nd 2022: Happy 2022 New Year!

December 25th 2021: Merry Christmas to All members!

December 20th 2021: Our Fees PM account was changed.

December 19th 2021: A new bitcoin payment proof added.

December 4th 2021: Our program accept Tether USDT and Ethereum deposit, If you want to invest via USDT or Ethereum , Please contact us for the address.

November 23th 2021: 0.299 bitcoins payment proof added.

November 6th 2021: Our website currently plans to accept more cryptocurrency investments, such as TETHER USDT, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash.

October 25th 2021: 0.9995 bitcoins payment proof added.

October 13th 2021: Scammers pay six digits for misspelled website domains in hopes of deceiving victims.

October 2nd 2021: 7.5 bitcoins payment proof added.

September 25th 2021: PayPal launches new consumer app for cryptocurrencies, savings and direct deposit,Investors can buy bitcoin via paypal.

September 10th 2021: We upgraded our BTC wallet and started using a new BTC address today. The minimum BTC investment is reduced to 0.003 BTC and the maximum investment is 5 BTC.

September 3rd 2021: Coinbase Launches Ethereum Strike For Brits And Germans.

August 27th 2021: 0.251 btc payment proof added in our Payment Proof page,Major hotel in Swiss Alps now allows crypto payments.

August 10th 2021: Because of local restrictions on the cryptocurrency industry, we opened a branch in the UK. We have transferred all cryptocurrency business to the branch in the UK. Our company plans to accept more cryptocurrency investments by the end of the year.

July 31st 2021: our site listed on Hyiprate.net today. we cost $1000 for the post.

July 3rd 2021: S&P Dow Jones Indices, the leading index provider of some of the world’s largest equity benchmarks, has launched a new cryptocurrency index that tracks the performance of the broader digital asset market. Our company plans to issue its own digital cryptocurrency on the next year.

June 28th 2021: 0.13 btc payment proof added in our Payment Proof page.

June 4th 2021: 2 Bitcoin payment proof added in our Payment Proof page,we moved the old payment proof.

May 24th 2021: a $18000 Perfect Money payment proof added in our Payment Proof page.

April 29th 2021: 1 bitcoin payment proof added in our Payment Proof page,Germany’s Financial Regulator BaFin Warns of Risks With Binance Stock Tokens.

April 6th 2021: 2 bitcoin payment proof added in our Payment Proof page.

March 23th 2021: Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that customers could now pay for their electric cars in bitcoins (BTC), and the company doesn’t intend to convert the BTC to cash.

March 8th 2021: 0.6 bitcoin payment proof added in our Payment Proof page. It is about $30,000 payment.

March 1st 2021: The Plan 1 improves the return on investment by 300%, the current return rate is 1800%, the investment is $100, and the return is $1800 after 24 hours.

February 6th 2021: 5.6 bitcoin payment proof added in our Payment Proof page.

January 16th 2021: a $42000 Perfect Money payment proof added in our Payment Proof page.

January 14th 2021: a new bitcoin payment proof added in our Payment Proof page.

January 1st 2021: Happy New Year!Our program has been successfully running for four years and has more than 500 loyal customers. Let's make money on 2021 year!