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PLAN 1: ($100-$1,999)
3100% Profit in 24 Hours

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PLAN 4: ($20,000-$49,999)
6200% Profit in 12 Hours

PLAN 5: ($50,000-$300,000)
7500% Profit in 6 Hours

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Abu Dhabi Co.  is one of the leading investment services providers with operations across the Middle East, Africa and Europe, that offers wide-ranging investment services that support both individual as well as corporate financial goals.


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3100% of your spend in 24 hours
3500% of your spend in 24 hours
4600% of your spend in 24 hours
6200% of your spend in 12 hours
7500% of your spend in 6 hours


Plan 1 $100-$1,999
Plan 2 $2,000-$9,999
Plan 3 $10,000-$19,999
Plan 4 $20,000-$49,999
Plan 5 $50,000-$300,000


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About Abu Dhabi...

Abu Dhabi is the capital and second most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Approximately 1.45 million people live in Abu Dhabi - 80% of which are expatriates. It is one of the world's largest producers of oil, and is one of the world's financial superpowers. Abu Dhabi is the wealthiest emirate of the UAE - due largely to Gross Domestic Product and per capita income. The average net worth of Abu Dhabi's citizens is AED 62 million (US$ 17 million). More than 1$ trillion is invested worldwide in this city alone. It is ranked third in the world for GDP. The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) is Abu Dhabi's sovereign wealth fund, and is the world's wealthiest. It currently holds an estimated US$ 875 billion.

Abu Dhabi is currently experiencing an incredible real estate and oil production advantage. This is creating incredible wealth for the emirate and for investors, in addition to its already powerful financial services.

It is now considered the frontrunner of superpowers, surpassing Dubai.

The Abu Dhabi manages some 80% of its assets, with around 65% "managed externally in areas including equities, fixed income, money markets, alternative investment, real estate and infrastructure, and private equities. We engage managers across the risk spectrum, from index-replicating to actively managed mandates, and typically tailor each investment to our specific needs and internal guidelines."Norway’s sovereign wealth fund is the largest in the world and with over $1.03 trillion in assets it is growing fast.

Abu Dhabi

Investment Program News:

July 8th 2024: $BTC shot up to touch what is now resistance at $58,000. This impetus has spread through the crypto market, and as usual, memecoins have bounced the hardest. $PEPE, $WIF, and $BONK have all bounced from critical levels. Will this positive price action continue?

June 24th 2024: Solana (SOL) has been caught in the crypto current, tossed back and forth by recent market volatility. After an impressive rally earlier in 2024, SOL has dipped by 13% over the past week, leaving investors wondering what lies ahead.

June 12th 2024: Ripple, a blockchain leader, unveiled the XRPL EVM Sidechain on Wednesday to bring Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility to the XRP Ledger. This advancement promises seamless interoperability and opens doors to new possibilities in decentralized finance (DeFi) and Real World Assets (RWA) utilization.

June 1st 2024: Hong Kong, a financial hub with a burgeoning interest in cryptocurrency, is undergoing a regulatory shakeup. The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has flexed its muscles, forcing unlicensed crypto businesses to exit the market and tightening the grip on those seeking licenses.

May 23th 2024: Bitcoin (BTC) has seen its price nosedive by 0.66% in the past 24 hours to $69,674.83. This price outlook comes at a time when David Solomon, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs predicted no further rate cuts by the Federal Reserve this year.

May 16th 2024: CME Group, the world’s largest futures exchange, is reportedly gearing up to launch Bitcoin trading. Notably, this signals a strategic move to capitalize on the escalating interest in cryptocurrencies among Wall Street investors.

May 1st 2024: Top 19 Cryptos To Pump 15X in Few Months,US-based crypto exchange Coinbase has taken a major step forward in the digital payments space by introducing support for the Bitcoin Lightning Network. This allows users to make instant and cheaper Bitcoin transfers.

April 23th 2024: PayPal’s Blockchain Research Group, in partnership with Energy Web and DMG Blockchain Solutions, has proposed utilizing “cryptoeconomic incentives” to encourage Bitcoin miners to use low-carbon energy sources, according to a blog post from April 22.

April 14th 2024: Dow Futures Falls, Bitcoin Price Plummets as Iran Launches Drones on Israel,News of the impending launch has caused the Dow’s implied open to fall more than 500 points so far, according to premarket data from CNBC,And Bitcoin, the leading crypto asset, fell from a 24-hour high of $67,936 to a low of $61,514.

April 5th 2024: Min deposit is 0.002 btc now, Deposit 0.002 btc return 0.062 btc after 24 hours,Australian asset manager Monochrome recently announced the application with Cboe Australia to list a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in Q2 2024.

March 26th 2024: Our program listed on Rank 1st on Top 10 HYIPs, Bitcoin price rebounded from $67,000 to over $70,000 within just a few hours on Monday, triggering a broader crypto market recovery. While the global crypto market rebounded, trading volumes saw only a marginal increase as compared to trading volumes before the crash to below $61,000.

March 21th 2024: Crypto exchange Coinbase has announced its plan to launch futures trading products for Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash, potentially as early as April 1.

March 15th 2024: Biden calls for a 30% tax on crypto mining . It includes reintroducing a 30% tax on crypto mining, first proposed in the 2024 Budget.This tax would be implemented gradually over three years, starting with a 10% tax in the first year, escalating to 20% in the second year, and ultimately reaching 30% after that.

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